These are the elected members who should attend all committee meetings and have a vote on matters affecting the club.
The following people should also attend committee meetings and provide reports but are not elected and do not have a vote.
The following people undertake essential roles for the smooth running of the club and may attend a committee meeting to provide reports but are not elected and do not have a vote.
Sue Dewar

Jo Hall
Liz Faull
Gordon Parmenter

Clare Stent
HWSC Committee
The senior club captains are also invited to attend committee meetings to present the views of swimmers
Chair Helen Hull chairman@
Treasurer Clare Miller treasurer@
Secretary Sue Dewar secretary@
Membership Patricia Ellam-Speed membershipenquiries@
Health & Safety Steve Faull healthandsafety@
External Meets Dee Jackson externalmeets@
Masters Rep Martin Stent mastersrep@
Social Secretary Hannah Morris
Sue Kendal
( Shared Role )
Communications Claire Peers comms@
Internal Meets Ken Parry, Clare Stent meets@
Swim Mark Sue Dewar swimmark@
Child Welfare Officer Female Caroline Aylott childwelfareofficerfemale@
Child Welfare Officer Male Rob Brind childwelfareofficermale@

Head Coach Graham Pople headcoach@